Internet Services

In the world of Global communications and Networks

There's a huge demand for professional network solutions to support the constant growing needs. The Global Internet Backbone is providing most of our communications and supports most of our applications requirements and business desires.

As bandwidth demand keeps rising, your business needs to get the secure, reliable, high-performance connections and depend on at the best value for money.

 Making the right choice doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Broadnet brings long-overdue simplicity to IP networking. We know the one core element you need to align your IT infrastructure with productivity goals and long-term business objectives: connectivity.


Broadnet communications is providing outstanding Internet solutions to the business market

with a variety of speeds and access technology from 1 - 1,000 Mbps

Standard speed Adsl connections up to the highest broadband service.

Variety of access techniques connections either Ethernet or Dsl, symmetric or asymmetric powered by the Broadnet outstanding internet connectivity.

High bandwidth connectivity to run your critical applications and transport your business information with excellent performance and brilliant up time.

Outstanding Performance

Unlimited bandwidth

Tier 1 dedicated transit reach

Great flexibility

Secured, Scalable, Reliable

24x7 professional support      

Business Internet