About Us


Is a privately held company operating as a service provider and specializing in network system integration design and operate network services WAN, LAN and Security communication solutions.

OUR EXPERIENCE comes from almost 20 years of operations in the business market locally and globally. Our team is highly experienced in designing global network solutions, virtual private solutions and dedicated internet solutions for the majority of the business enterprise market and multinational corporations

OUR EXPERTISE is in the field of Real Time applications thus our network solutions is preforming as the basic stable network infrastructure for mainly real time applications and services as follow

   Media and Broadcast contribution and distribution platforms

  Broadband capacity for CDN Operators

   Massive streaming platforms

   OTT applications as VOD and commercial video channels

   Live Events and massive productions

OUR POTENTIAL is in the ability to integrate the traditional media and broadcast industry with the future network technology and main markets that are in the business of Broadcasters, Production Studios, the financial community, VSAT service providers, CDN Operators, and any type of enterprise who's interested in, on demand usage for global network services.

OUR ADDEDD VALUES comes to effect thanks to a variety of distribution techniques which allows DATA traffic to terminate at its destination either via point to point, point to multi point utilizing the on demand approach.

INNOVATION At Broadnet we recognize the special market requirements hence designed a network that is trusted on innovative technology which allows us to develop solutions that will allow occasional and share usage of an existing global private IP Network while still leveraging excellent performance, variety of access methods and speeds onsite support and a boutique style customer care.

DIFFERANTIATOR while other may talk or thinkā€¦ we deliver

This, One of a kind approach is designed to offer our customers the necessary flexibility and scalability to add value to their core business

We provide our customers "Time to Market"




31 Habarzel St. Tel Aviv

Zip code 69710