• NeedsCall for Solutions

    Broadnet Communications is providing variety of communication solutions

    Communication Services

    Real time IP communication solutions based on the Broadnet robust private IP network and footprint

  • DATAIs our Asset

    Broadnet Communications design and deliver DATA network solutions

    DATA Networks

    Global and Local private IP solutions for Business Critical applications

  • QualityIs a Value

    Broadnet Communications brings more value to your business

    Value Added Services

    Dedicated Internet Access and Traffic prioritization with great availability and clear transport Network

  • Real-TimeApplications

    Broadnet Communications is specializing with network solutions for real time applications

    Real Time Video and Broadcast

    Metwork solutions designed to deliver Real-Time Content, Media and Broadcast events, live streaming and massive content contribution and distribution

  • SystemIntegration

    Deploying managed network solutions designed to your needs

    Managed Solutions

    Tier one network hardware element on all aspects, WAN,LAN,SECUIRTY and Wireless managed solutions

  • SupportIs a Profession

    Broadnet Communications is offering excelent support and customer care

    Professional Support

    Highly experienced team, Expert Knowledge Including Real Time monitoring and online reporting

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